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Car interior cleaner

Car interior cleaner

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    • Product Name: Car interior cleaner
    • Item NO.: 汽车内清洁剂
    • Weight: 0.285 kg = 0.6283 lb = 10.0531 oz
    • Category: CAR ACCESSORIES
    • Brand: Fourpeople
    • Creation Time: 2021-09-11

    Household Cleanse Deeply Car Cleaning Kitchen Super Anti-uv Ray Cleaning Deep Cleaning Long Term Protection Spray



    • Advanced Car Interior Restoration:Bring your car back to the brand new feel. Effective in removing stubborn stain and restoring original colour and brightness.
    • Cleanse Deeply:The deep cleaning formula will penetrate deep into the pores of leather and plastic surface, thoroughly remove dirt, grime to prevent any stains while taking out 99.9% of bacteria that Infested in your car interior!
    • Rinse-Free Formula:No rinsing is required after cleaning. One spray. One wipe. Clean as new!
    • Anti-UV Ray Coating:Protects against fading, discoloration and cracking from harmful UV rays.
    • 100% Chemical-Free & Safe
    • Safe to all kinds of surfaces. 


    • Validity period: 3 years
    • Product weight: 0.3 kg
    • Package weight: 0.35 kg
    • Product size: 4 x 332 cm
    • Product capacity: 30ml /100ml / 256ml

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Car interior cleaner
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Customer Reviews


7 Days Ago

Today, I took the time to clean the interior. The effect is really good. The decontamination ability is very strong. After cleaning, it is the same as the new one. It is worth recommending

7 Days Ago

This interior cleaner has a good cleaning effect. It is troublesome to take care of the interior. It is very clean. The sofa at home, the seat on the car, the roof and the door of the car are all tidyed up. It is convenient and trouble-free. Good products will come again.

7 Days Ago

After the detergent is sprayed on, the sponge is rubbed, and then wiped with a towel, the stains are washed away, the effect is very good. There is no discomfort after using it, the taste is not irritating, and it is a good product.

7 Days Ago

I received the item. This interior cleaner has a good cleaning effect. It wipes very cleanly. The seats, roof, and doors on the car are all tidied, which is convenient and trouble-free. This thing is also very useful for removing oil stains.

7 Days Ago

Good stain removal ability! I mainly bought it to clean the interior of the car. The central control position is particularly prone to dust, so I wanted to buy it myself and try it. I didn’t expect it to be the same as a new one after cleaning. The cleaning effect is very strong, and the smell is also fragrant. of!

7 Days Ago

The interior cleaning agent is really convenient. If it is dirty, spray it on with a sponge and immediately make it clean. It's amazing. The cleaning agent will not leave any traces on the car, and the faint scent will instantly be liked, the price is not expensive, the packaging is good, and the quality is no problem.

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