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Auto Restorer

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    • [Protects your car's plastic parts] - Our formula will never damage your plastic parts, trim or any paint that may come in contact with it. Simply apply the coating to a sponge and wipe gently to give it a new look.
    • [Visible Results] - It will make your car look great. It helps disperse rain, removes rain, snow, ice and road spray from sticking to the glass.
    • [Wide Application] - Crystal Coat can be used on dashboards, door frames, door panels, pedals and other plastic parts of the car.
    • [Quick and Easy] - It can penetrate into the pores of the material, instantly darken and brighten with a light wipe, increase surface gloss, delay aging, shine delicately, restore luster, and easily wipe away dirt without damaging the surface.


    • This product can be used for plastic, rubber, leather and other items.
    • Main function: increase the gloss of items and remove surface stains. As a maintenance and refurbishment function for car interiors.
    • Size: 50*42*86mm
    • Net content: 30ml/bottle
    • Material type: ceramic coating
    • Total weight: 70g
    • Shelf life: three years

    Steps for usage:

    • 1.Clean the parts that need to be refurbished
    • 2.Drop the product evenly on the sponge
    • 3.Evenly apply the product to the place that needs to be refurbished
    • 4.Repair the parts that need to be refurbished

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Auto Restorer
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Customer Reviews


7 Days Ago

The effect is very good, after the refurbishment, it is as good as a new car, very easy to use

7 Days Ago

The refurbishment agent is very good, the effect is unexpectedly good, wipe it evenly with a sponge, it is really black and shiny, and it feels smooth and not greasy. Concentrated and super durable, you don't need to drop a lot to polish the plastic parts black and shiny.

7 Days Ago

The refurbishing agent is very easy to use, it will be as good as new after use

7 Days Ago

It is not greasy, sticky, dusty, and has no peculiar smell. The refurbishing agent is very useful, and it looks brand new after use.

7 Days Ago

Try it when you buy it, the effect is very good, the price is affordable, it is as bright as new, and you will buy it after you use it up. The logistics is fast and the packaging is intact, all highly recommended

7 Days Ago

Very long-lasting, high-gloss, wash with water after refurbishment will not fade! !

7 Days Ago

I didn't expect the effect to be really good

7 Days Ago

The item is very good, the brightness is very good after use, and the quantity is also very good. After using it very well, the interior of the car looks brand new. After use, the console has brightened a lot, and it looks like a refurbishment.

7 Days Ago

I just galvanized my car and it is as bright as new. I made four doors and a center console with a small bottle. I am very satisfied.

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