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Car Crystal Plating Spray

Car Crystal Plating Spray

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    • Product Name: Car Crystal Plating Spray
    • Item NO.: 汽车镀晶喷剂
    • Weight: 0.5 kg = 1.1023 lb = 17.6370 oz
    • Category: CAR ACCESSORIES
    • Brand: Fourpeople
    • Creation Time: 2023-03-22

    • Large capacity, one bottle can be used 12 times, is universal for the whole car exterior, all kinds of car paint.
    • Lotus leaf drive water, anti-fouling and easy to clean: Dust, dirt and other stains are easy to adhere to the paint surface to make the paint surface dirty, with a lotus leaf effect after coating, improve the paint surface self-cleaning and hydrophobicity
    •  Improve hardness and reduce scratches: Sand erosion causes various scratches on the paint surface, forming a protective layer after coating, reducing or avoiding scratches caused by external forces and reducing the degree of damage to the paint.
    • High temperature resistance, no trace of burning: After exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet radiation, it will cause oxidative fading of the paint. After using this hand-sprayed wax, it can effectively resist the oxidative discoloration caused by high temperature and make the paint brighter.
    • Forming the coating layer, bright as new: With the use of the car, various substances in the air slowly react with the car paint to corrode the car paint, so that the paint surface is slowly dimmed, and after the coating, a coating layer is formed to restore the paint to the factory status.
    • Sealing design: Sealed with tin foil paper to prevent the road surface from being unstable and leaking during transportation.
    • Rotating nozzle: Rotate to turn off or on to avoid leakage when not in use, avoid resulting in unnecessary waste!
    • Simple operation: One sprinkle and one wipe, easy coating


    • Capacity: 300ML
    • Ingredients: nano silicon + nano fluorine + surfactant + deionized water
    • Main functions: smooth and bright, anti-pollution and dustproof, polymerization protection, make the car look new
    • Scope of application: glass surface of car paint box
    • Shelf life: 3 years

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Car Crystal Plating Spray
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Customer Reviews


7 Days Ago

Works great in the car

7 Days Ago

It can be used in the car. no more water stains

7 Days Ago

A very useful product, I didn't expect the product to work so well

7 Days Ago

Bought a bottle and shipped quickly

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